NSS Welcomes it’s Newest Writer!

North Station Sports is proud to welcome the first addition to our writing staff!

Matt Golden is an astute basketball fan. Well versed on the history of the game and how it applies to today’s NBA. Matt is already a seasoned blogger and I encourage you to visit his blog The TV Navigator.

With today’s cable channel roster now well over 400 stations, I am often confused on what to watch and what I am missing on TV because I don’t have time to cruise all the stations. Thus, not surprisingly, my TV is currently only tuned into NBATV, ESPN and (sometimes) CNN.

The TV Navigator has given me the option to set my Tivo to shows and stations I never knew existed. Matt has made my boring off season nights more tolerable by giving me some more option as to what’s worth watching on the tube.

I can finally stop watching old VHS tapes of Larry Bird scoring 60 points on the Atlanta Hawks. Honestly, I may still sneak that one in once a week. I can never get sick of watching Larry Legend embarrass Dominique Wilkens.

Anyway, for years, Matt and I have debated on all things regarding the NBA and the evolution of the game. I am so excited to continue these debates on a public forum here at North Station Sports!

I look forward to Matt’s first post this week!

Please watch for a full profile of Matt Golden in our “About Us” section.

Celtics Shamrock 


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