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NSS Welcomes it’s Newest Writer!

North Station Sports is proud to welcome the first addition to our writing staff!

Matt Golden is an astute basketball fan. Well versed on the history of the game and how it applies to today’s NBA. Matt is already a seasoned blogger and I encourage you to visit his blog The TV Navigator.

With today’s cable channel roster now well over 400 stations, I am often confused on what to watch and what I am missing on TV because I don’t have time to cruise all the stations. Thus, not surprisingly, my TV is currently only tuned into NBATV, ESPN and (sometimes) CNN.

The TV Navigator has given me the option to set my Tivo to shows and stations I never knew existed. Matt has made my boring off season nights more tolerable by giving me some more option as to what’s worth watching on the tube.

I can finally stop watching old VHS tapes of Larry Bird scoring 60 points on the Atlanta Hawks. Honestly, I may still sneak that one in once a week. I can never get sick of watching Larry Legend embarrass Dominique Wilkens.

Anyway, for years, Matt and I have debated on all things regarding the NBA and the evolution of the game. I am so excited to continue these debates on a public forum here at North Station Sports!

I look forward to Matt’s first post this week!

Please watch for a full profile of Matt Golden in our “About Us” section.

Celtics Shamrock 

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An Interesting Look at the Evolution of the Celtics Leprechaun

Well, we are in the midst of the off-season and things have really quieted down. It’s actually been a little boring lately. I figured this was a perfect time to continue with our chronicles into Celtics history.
We already explored the twightlight of Larry Bird’s career in our post Larry Bird: The Sudden and Saddening Demise of a Basketball Legend. We brought back some stirring memories of the 1986 championship team with out post Bill Walton: The Savior of 1986. We raised some eyebrows and created some good debate with our assessment of Kevin McHale’s career in our post Kevin McHale: The NBA’s Last True Big Man. We paid tribute to Robert Parish in the post Robert Parish: Hail to the Chief.
Each of those posts received great online exposure and created all time high spikes in traffic at North Station Sports.
Today we continue our history lesson with a brief exhibit of the evolution of the Celtics logo. Most people think that the leprechaun that Kevin Garnett locked lips with after winning the 2008 championship has always been our logo.
Truth is, the current day logo did not take it’s full formation until 1996. During the dynasty years, in the 60s, no logo was perched at center court. Looking back at footage of those old games, center court looks very empty.
It wasn’t until the 1970s that the taunting leprechaun landed at center court.
Take a look below at the evolution of the Celtics logo, a historic item that Red Auerbach’s brother actually drew.
1946 - 1949
1946 – 1949
1949 - 1960

1949 - 1960

1960 - 1968

1960 - 1968


1968 - 1978

1968 - 1978

1978 - 1996

1978 - 1996

1996 - Present

1996 - Present

Present Alternate

Present Alternate

Senator Ted Kennedy Dies at 77

DK001_EMK3.jpgAfter a year long battle with brain cancer Ted Kennedy passed away this morning.

Brother to slain former president John F. Kennedy and Democratic nominee Robert F. Kennedy, Ted was named the “Lion of the Senate”.

Champion for civil rights and health care reform, Ted was also a serious sports fan. Backing all things Boston, Kennedy was often seen at Celtics, Bruins and Red Sox games. 

Senator Kennedy was a very close friend of Red Auerbach’s and spoke at his funeral.

Senator Kennedy, your influence and presence in the senate will be missed.

May you rest in peace!

North Station Sports is Now Live!

I am excited to announce that today, August 9, 2009, North Station Sports is now live. Though our “face lift” is still incomplete and a work in progress, new content will now be posted to the site.

Thank you for your patience while postings have come to a hault during our re-organization period.

Our old address,, will now be solely used as a referral site to direct traffic to this location. If you are a regular visitor of, please bookmark this page as our new, permanent address.

Thank you and we look forward to delivering you the same fresh, thought provoking and breaking news related articles in our new and improved environment at North Station Sports.

Celtics Shamrock