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Marquis Daniels is the Perfect Celtic

Marquis Daniels and Danny Ainge meet with members of the press today to announce Daniels signing with the Boston Celtics.

Marquis Daniels and Danny Ainge meet with members of the press today to announce Daniels signing with the Boston Celtics.

All indications from today’s press conference and recent comments made by his agent is that Marquis Daniels will be a perfect compliment to the 2010 Celtics squad.

Daniels stated again today that he turned down better monetary offers to join a winning franchise in Boston. He stated his willingness to play whatever position Doc sees fit to benefit the Celtics in their 2010 championship run.

The Celtics are making it very clear that anything short of a championship will be a major failure for this team.

I love that attitude!

Danny also mentioned that Paul Pierce, Big Baby and Rajon Rondo have been into Waltham to practice daily. Rasheed Wallace has been in every day at 8 am. He expects to see the rest of the guys into practice right after the Labor Day holiday. This is beginning to take a shape very similar to the 2007 off season.

I love what I am hearing.

One thing of note in watching the below press conference. Danny has gotten visibly older since his heart attack. We wish him the best and good health.

Check out the press conference converage of the Marquis Daniels introductions today.


Celtics Sign Former Duke Star reported today that Boston has signed power forward, Sheldon Williams. At 6’9, the Duke all-time leader in rebounds and blocked shots will add length and strength to a reserve front line consisting of the pending Glen Davis and center/forward Rasheed Wallace.

According to, Williams will be signed to a one year, veteran’s minimum ($1.306 million) deal.

I like the idea of signing the former Duke star. Though he has shown little in the pros, we know he has the ability to make an impact based upon his career with the Blue Devil’s.

Let’s face it, anything is an upgrade from Mikki Moore who proved to be a disappointing stand in for 2008, late season addition, P.J. Brown.

Danny Ainge, who at this point last year, had made no deals to bring depth and had already lost James Posey, has done a solid job of revamping the C’s bench.
In other news, Redsarmy is featuring a rare interview by Glen Davis given to WEEI.

Boston Celtics Take ‘Educated Risk’ in Securing this Season’s Roster

After winning the title in 2008, the taste of championship glory is still on the tip of my nose. I can recall watching game 6 of the 2008 Finals in disbelief as the Celtics steam rolled over the Lakers before half time.

How sweet it was!

Raw emotions were displayed on the faces of players and fans alike. The Boston faithful had waited 22 years for this moment.

Players such as Kevin Garnett had spent a life time listening to doubters proclaiming he does not have what it takes to get it done. Watching Garnett drop to the floor and kiss the Celtics logo, penned by Red Auerbach’s brother, seemed to perfectly sum up the sixty years of championship glory and recent years of heart wrenching mediocrity, tragic deaths and untimely injuries with the flawless respect for the basketball legends that preceded him.

Sure Garnett’s raw emotion was viewed by some as barbaric. At times Kevin could be barbaric in his emotional response to victory or defeat. That “barbaric behavior” is honest, real and right from the heart. What can be more refreshing in an era where the image of NBA players has taken the front seat over honesty and reality?

Though the Celtics had competitive teams from 1987 thru 1992 and again in 2001, the championship never really seemed that close.

Even during the competitive years, their were always too many “ifs” surrounding the team.

“If Bird remains healthy, we can win it all again…”

“If McHale’s ankles stay strong no one can guard him in the post…”

“If Auerbach can pull off one more historic move to get us a bench…”

“If Len Bias didn’t…”

“If Reggie Lewis…”

My biggest “if” was always, if Bird never hurt his back in 1990 he could have had his last championship encore against Magic and the Lakers in 1991. What could have been more fitting?

Similar “if” scenarios surround the current Celtics team. The honest truth is, when you surround your team’s faith around the health of players over 30 you are always taking an “educated risk”.

As a fan that still tastes the victory celebrations of June 17, 2008, I would prefer to have educated and experienced veterans in a bid to reclaim glory now then youthful inexperienced players looking to make a name for themselves and possibly have team success while doing it.

As a Celtics fan from the 1980’s, I preferred the “educated risk” the organization took as the original big three’s career winded down by keeping them intact. Many may have forgotten but trade talks, similar to those surrounding Ray Allen’s this season, surrounded Kevin McHale after the 1990 loss to the Knicks in the first round.

Back then I grimaced at the thought of Bird, Parish and McHale being broken up, it just wasn’t Celtic-like to dispose of players that played on broken feet to help us reach the Finals.

Red Auerbach believed in rewarding players that worked hard for him with job security. Though in today’s era that is nearly impossible, I still believe in that philosophy. The philosophy that if a player has job security he will help to train his eventual replacement. Call me naive but Celtics players longevity with the team is one of the elements that drove me to be such an ardent Celtics fan.

Today I feel my view points have not changed. To break up Pierce, Garnett and Allen would be a sin that would do Red disjustice.

Yes, I will stand by the Celtics “educated risk” just as I did in the late 80s/early 90s. Hopefully this time around all the “what ifs…” that coincide with reminiscing about possible championships past will be replaced by “thank god we didn’t…”

Danny Ainge Waives Gabe Pruitt

Gabe Pruitt was put on waivers last night. Celtics Blog reported that Gabe was waived to make room for Marquis Daniels on the roster.

Ainge expressed a liking for Pruitt but he felt with Marquis coming in, Pruitt would not get the playing time.

Pruitt displayed a semi reliable jump shot throughout his 47 games last season. Doc Rivers was often frustrated by Gabe’s lack of aggression. Described as a “nice guy”, Gabe didn’t always seem to fit in with the scrappy Celtics style of play.

I like Gabe but was frustrated when, after a loss to the Clippers, Gabe went out partying and got a DUI in Los Angeles.

More respect for Pruitt was lost when a video of Gabe and Nick Young drunk antics surfaced on youtube.

That video can be viewed below.

Marbury is Likely to Say Goodbye to Boston

NBA: MAR 27 Celtics at Hawks

The Boston Globe reported today that Stephon Marbury, though very appreciative for his time playing in Boston, will look for a more lucrative and lengthy deal elsewhere in the NBA.

Marbury averaged 3.8 ppg and 3.3 assists per game in 18 minutes.

Marbury told the Globe via email, “Thank you for allowing the world to see me play again after all that went on in N.Y.,” Marbury thanked the fans by saying, “the fans treated me with open arms and that’s all anyone can ask for”.

It is unfortunate that we are in the luxury tax and are unable to offer Marbury an adequate deal. I realize we are in luxury tax penalty but backup point guard problems plagued our team last season and, unless addressed in the off-season, I feel will plague us again this year. However, the Celtics made the correct decision offering Marbury the veteran’s minimum as signing a center/forward like Wallace and re-signing Big Baby take priority.

House is not a true point guard. House’s greatest asset is being able to spot up for open 3’s off the break and coming off screens. Eddie is not a great ball handler and Gabe is unreliable and immature.

In other news: The Celtics are awaiting a response from their 2 year, mid level, offer to Rasheed Wallace. Wallace is expected to be accept the offer and join the Celtics this season for their championship run in 2010.

Free Agency to Begin Tomorrow

Looking back on June, a month that was busy with rumors surrounding the Celtics key players, controversy between Danny Ainge and Rajon Rondo, and the NBA crowning a new champion -the Los Angeles Lakers.

June began with a welcomed guarantee as Kevin Garnett, recovering from successful knee surgery, proclaimed that the Celtics would bring the championship home in 2010 and 2011.

To further Garnett’s gusto, on the one year anniversary of the Celtics 17th championship, Paul Pierce tweeted “Lakers vs Orlando. Looked like a german shepard vs a poodle that’s ok the rotwieler celtics will b back in 2o10.”

During the two weeks following Garnett’s initial gutsy guarantee, the Los Angeles Lakers exposed the Orlando Magics weaknesses and defeated them in 5 games.

The dreaded Lakers winning the title would have cemented any Celtics team’s cohesion but as the days wore on a small fire started to churn between Rajon Rondo and Danny Ainge.

Ainge seemed to be making statements and holding press conferences almost daily leading up to the draft. His statements contradicted themselves as he one day would encourage Rondo to be more mature and ridiculed the young point guard for showing up late for games and the next day declaring his love for Rondo.

This out-pouring of public criticism only seemed to fuel the Rondo trade rumors.

As draft day came and passed, the Celtics made no changes to their starting five and as free agency starts tomorrow, the rumors have now shifted to names like Rasheed Wallace, Grant Hill, Antonio McDyess, Matt Barnes, Marcin Gortat and Charlie Villanueva.

Villanueva, who I would love to see in green, seems to really be leaning towards the Cavs and the Cavs have expressed an interest. My only hope would be that the Cavs signing Villanueva would keep them from re-signing Anderson Varejao and the Celtics can pick him up.

It’s clear that the balance of power in the NBA has tipped towards the Eastern Conference for the first time in several seasons. I hope Danny Ainge is ready to pull the trigger on some major moves, even if that means dipping into Wyc Grousbeck’s “open wallet”…

Celtics Source: Rondo Will Not Be Traded

It’s not surprising that yesterday’s article on the possibility of Rajon Rondo being traded created quite a stir on Bleacher Report and the Boston Celtics News Station. The articles on both sites generated some very interesting comments worth browsing.

I am a Rondo fan, I would love to see him retire a Celtic many years from now. However, as I stated yesterday, it did not surprise me that information was leaked regarding Rondo’s bad attitude.

As a Celtics fan (and Rondo fan), I was happy to hear the Boston Herald report today that Danny Ainge has put the mute button on rumors concerning his starting five, Rondo included.

Angie told the Herald, “I think it’s unlikely,” Ainge said. “It’s possible, but unlikely.”

Ainge went on to say, “We are trying to win a championship next season. That’s my goal this summer.”

That’s is a relief to hear.

Check out Celtics Hub for a very interesting and accurate appraisal of the rumors regarding members of the starting five being traded.