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Marquis Daniels is the Perfect Celtic

Marquis Daniels and Danny Ainge meet with members of the press today to announce Daniels signing with the Boston Celtics.

Marquis Daniels and Danny Ainge meet with members of the press today to announce Daniels signing with the Boston Celtics.

All indications from today’s press conference and recent comments made by his agent is that Marquis Daniels will be a perfect compliment to the 2010 Celtics squad.

Daniels stated again today that he turned down better monetary offers to join a winning franchise in Boston. He stated his willingness to play whatever position Doc sees fit to benefit the Celtics in their 2010 championship run.

The Celtics are making it very clear that anything short of a championship will be a major failure for this team.

I love that attitude!

Danny also mentioned that Paul Pierce, Big Baby and Rajon Rondo have been into Waltham to practice daily. Rasheed Wallace has been in every day at 8 am. He expects to see the rest of the guys into practice right after the Labor Day holiday. This is beginning to take a shape very similar to the 2007 off season.

I love what I am hearing.

One thing of note in watching the below press conference. Danny has gotten visibly older since his heart attack. We wish him the best and good health.

Check out the press conference converage of the Marquis Daniels introductions today.


Celtics Sign Former Duke Star reported today that Boston has signed power forward, Sheldon Williams. At 6’9, the Duke all-time leader in rebounds and blocked shots will add length and strength to a reserve front line consisting of the pending Glen Davis and center/forward Rasheed Wallace.

According to, Williams will be signed to a one year, veteran’s minimum ($1.306 million) deal.

I like the idea of signing the former Duke star. Though he has shown little in the pros, we know he has the ability to make an impact based upon his career with the Blue Devil’s.

Let’s face it, anything is an upgrade from Mikki Moore who proved to be a disappointing stand in for 2008, late season addition, P.J. Brown.

Danny Ainge, who at this point last year, had made no deals to bring depth and had already lost James Posey, has done a solid job of revamping the C’s bench.
In other news, Redsarmy is featuring a rare interview by Glen Davis given to WEEI.

Welcome to Boston Rasheed Wallace!

The Boston Globe has reported that Rasheed Wallace will except the Celtics offer of a two year, mid level exception.

As the Celtics 6th man, Rasheed will offer length, three point shooting, great defense and (hopefully) solid play with his back to the basket, not to mention more championship experience.

Rasheed is a hands down pick for sixth man of the year.

The Celtics are continuing to add ammunition for a 2010 championship run. Doc Rivers is has a dinner date with Grant Hill later this week, which means Grant may be a Celtic by the end of the week.

The additions of Wallace and Hill leaves very little cash for us to match Big Baby’s offers. San Antonio is expected to offer Baby the full mid level exception which we will not match.

I hate to lose Baby but picking up two quality veterans such as Hill and Wallace is more valuable for a championship run in 2010.

Stay tuned for more details.

KG: SURGERY SET FOR NEXT WEEK reported today that Kevin Garnett has set a date for surgery next week. Garnett will have surgery for the first time in his career to remove a bone spur in his right knee. 

He had postponed the surgery in hopes that continued rehabilitation on the knee would have allowed him to return to action had the Celtics reached the latter rounds of the playoffs.
Danny Ainge and owner, Wyc Grousbeck said today that Garnett was expected to be back at full strength next season. 
Doc Rivers reported on WEEI’s “Dennis and Callahan Show” that Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kendrick Perkins all suffered from injuries in the Orlando series.
Pierce may require surgery on bone spurs while Perkins may require a procedure on his shoulder. Ray Allen suffered from a strained hamstring. reports that surgery maybe required by Perkins and Pierce but nothing has been confirmed.
Doc also indicated that the Celtics need to make some off season “additions”. Rivers said, “We need to improve our team. There’s no doubt about that. We don’t have to make any changes but we do need to make some additions.”
Doc also sounded less encouraging regarding Glen Davis saying, “with Baby, it will probably come down to what he can get on the open market”, regarding Marbury Doc said, “With Steph it will probably come down to what we can get on the open market”.
It would disappointing to see Stephon Marbury leave but losing Big Baby would be a blow deeper then losing James Posey last summer. 
More details to follow…