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Today’s Headlines

Honestly, I am so sick of the off-season. Here are some headlines, however, that keep my NBA craving subdued a bit…

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Celtics Shamrock


Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

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Big Baby Set to Re-Sign with the Celtics

Big Baby proves his worth, hitting the winning basket in game five of the 2009 Eastern Conference semifinals.

Big Baby proves his worth, hitting the winning basket in game five of the 2009 Eastern Conference semifinals.

The Boston Herald is reporting today that Glen Davis is set to sign a two year contract with the Celtics worth $6.3 million.

Davis is expected to sign today or tomorrow following his physical. Davis is in Boston today to complete his physical and make the deal official.

Many teams have flirted with Big Baby expressing an interest. however, to Davis’ dissappoinment, mid level dollars were never offered.

Glen had publicly hoped he would be retained by the Celtics and that hope will come true in the next forty eight hours though for much less value then his mid level aspirations.

The re-signing of Davis has, in many ways, been Boston’s rebuttal to LA’s re-signing of Lamar Odom. Though Lakers fans will disagree that Odom and Davis are on the same talent level, their is no questioning that both bring a unique and invalueable element to their respective teams.

The signing of Davis cements his role as the Celtics seventh man on the roster. It only proves the depth of the revamped Celtics bench when your seventh man just came off a post season where he averaged 15 ppg and 6 rpg filling in for Kevin Garnett.

The Celtics bench now looks like this:

Rasheed Wallace

Glen Davis

Eddie House

Marquis Daniels (expect to sign a $1.9 million, bi annual, deal this week)

Bill Walker

Brian Scalabrine

Tony Allen (for now…)

As stated in my previous post, the Celtics new look bench has arguably more talent then any other team’s second unit.

Baring any major injuries, the Celtics look to be the favorites to win the Eastern Conference crown and possibly the NBA title this season.

A Lakers/Celtics rematch in June is looking more and more interesting…

Today’s Headlines

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Stay Tuned to The Boston Celtics News Station…
My chronicle of the Original Big Three will continue this week with Kevin McHale.