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Marquis Daniels Finally a Celtic

Marquis DanielsAccording to, the Celtics confirmed the signing of Marquis Daniels this evening.

After more then a month of anticipation, Marquis Daniels finally finalized a deal with the Boston Celtics this evening for $1.99 Million bi-annual exception.

Daniels agent told that he had the opportunity to play for more money with other teams but opted to play in Boston because it’s the best opportunity for him to win a championship.

Daniels agents said, “He played in the finals in Dallas and he wants to have a chance to play for another one. He has a chance to play important minutes in a number of different areas for a team that has a chance to win the championship”

I am happy about Daniels coming to Boston. I think he bolster our bench even more.

I still believe that we need a legitimate back up point guard though. I hope Danny is still on the hunt.

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An Interesting Look at the Evolution of the Celtics Leprechaun

Well, we are in the midst of the off-season and things have really quieted down. It’s actually been a little boring lately. I figured this was a perfect time to continue with our chronicles into Celtics history.
We already explored the twightlight of Larry Bird’s career in our post Larry Bird: The Sudden and Saddening Demise of a Basketball Legend. We brought back some stirring memories of the 1986 championship team with out post Bill Walton: The Savior of 1986. We raised some eyebrows and created some good debate with our assessment of Kevin McHale’s career in our post Kevin McHale: The NBA’s Last True Big Man. We paid tribute to Robert Parish in the post Robert Parish: Hail to the Chief.
Each of those posts received great online exposure and created all time high spikes in traffic at North Station Sports.
Today we continue our history lesson with a brief exhibit of the evolution of the Celtics logo. Most people think that the leprechaun that Kevin Garnett locked lips with after winning the 2008 championship has always been our logo.
Truth is, the current day logo did not take it’s full formation until 1996. During the dynasty years, in the 60s, no logo was perched at center court. Looking back at footage of those old games, center court looks very empty.
It wasn’t until the 1970s that the taunting leprechaun landed at center court.
Take a look below at the evolution of the Celtics logo, a historic item that Red Auerbach’s brother actually drew.
1946 - 1949
1946 – 1949
1949 - 1960

1949 - 1960

1960 - 1968

1960 - 1968


1968 - 1978

1968 - 1978

1978 - 1996

1978 - 1996

1996 - Present

1996 - Present

Present Alternate

Present Alternate

Senator Ted Kennedy Dies at 77

DK001_EMK3.jpgAfter a year long battle with brain cancer Ted Kennedy passed away this morning.

Brother to slain former president John F. Kennedy and Democratic nominee Robert F. Kennedy, Ted was named the “Lion of the Senate”.

Champion for civil rights and health care reform, Ted was also a serious sports fan. Backing all things Boston, Kennedy was often seen at Celtics, Bruins and Red Sox games. 

Senator Kennedy was a very close friend of Red Auerbach’s and spoke at his funeral.

Senator Kennedy, your influence and presence in the senate will be missed.

May you rest in peace!

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Is Stephon Marbury Gay? Who cares!

Starbury examining the man in the mirror.

Starbury examining the man in the mirror.

Okay, I have been holding out but finally gave in this morning. After weeks of controversy, I finally watched some clips of Stephon Marbury’s 24 hour webcast chronicling a day in a basketball outcasts bizarre life.

We all knew Steph was unique. I raised the question of whether he attended a course on appeasing the media during his time in Boston. His on court play was not exactly what we expected and his behavior off court wasn’t either. I think we expected at least one emotional outburst or off color commentary during Marbury’s short stint in Boston as much as we expected at least a glimpse of his former basketball self.

Neither occurred.

It is obvious that Marbury’s pent up aggression (both on and off court) had been saved for his 24 hour chronical into the bizarre daily life of this basketball wacko.

Swallowing Vaseline, getting rubbed down by one of his boys, crying in front of his webcam and his shirtless jirations to Barbie Girl were all I needed to see. I must say, though this webcast proved humiliating to the eccentric former all-star, it was kind of comically sad to see his oblivious destruction in such a self deprivating manner.

Even in the scenes where Steph was not acting like a total nut job, I still could not follow what he was ranting on about. It is a mystery to me how he has not yet been picked up by one of those celebrity reality TV shows. You know, the ones where celebrities make total idiots out of themselves in an attempt to revive their career.

Marbury’s bizarre online Odyssey raises some unique questions into this guy’s sanity. It’s not the first time a basketball player has acted in such fashion. Marbury has not yet reached Dennis Rodman’s drag queen status nor has he dated Madonna. Maybe Marbury should dress up like a woman to get some dates, then homophobes like Brendan Haywood would stop worrying about sharing a locker room with him.

Honestly, back in the 90’s, I didn’t care who Rodman dated, where he hung out and what color dress he wore, as long as he stopped pestering my Celtics with 20 rebounds and devastating defense. Fact is, Rodman channelled his completely outrageous and wacko behavior into aggressive and invaluable basketball when on the court.

So Steph, I don’t care if you are emotionally disturbed, gay, straight, lonely, dancing, or just plain nuts off the court as long as you channel that behavior into amazing play on the court.

Yes your off court outbursts may be a distraction now but you proved in 2009 that you can behave when you need to. You just didn’t prove you can still play consistently.

This is about basketball after all, isn’t it?

Well, whether Marbury will ever play in the NBA again is yet to be seen. If I were Danny, I would not let a webcast determine anything but the amount of money we pay him in taking another risk on a player that failed to show anything to us last year other then that he can smile, giggle, be polite, and give decent sound bytes to the media.

The fact is, we still need a true point guard to back up Rondo. Should it be the internet’s latest joke?

Check out the low lights of Marbury’s webcast and you be the judge of whether you would like to see him with our team’s name draped across his chest this season…

Marbury’s dance off to Barbi Girl

Marbury showing is sensitive side. Tears of a clown?

Marbury eating Vaseline

Marbury explaining why he ate Vaseline

Marbury dissing LeBron James – If you listen past Marbury’s ranting, he actually makes a little sense in this one.